WooThemes Lends a Hand to WordCamp LA

WooThemes. Do I need to say any more? No, seriously. Be quiet. Think of something WordPress-related that doesn’t do the whole “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” thingy majig. YOU. CAN’T! WooThemes is a part of your life. You’ve touched  a site using their themes, you’ve built sites running their themes; you sell products using their snazzy WooCommerce product. The point is this: WooThemes is big. No, they’re HUGE!!! And even though they’re located all the way over in South Africa (almost typed “South America” for a moment there) they continue to make a global impact on business owners running WordPress as their foundation.

In this ecosystem it’s truly amazing what they have accomplished and not one other company has come close to replicating what Woo has done. Period. Not even my nice hair holds a candle to them!!

So let’s give a hearty “Huzzah!” to the good folks at WooThemes for their generous donations this year. You guys is great!

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