What is Foundation Friday?

We’ll be kicking off WordCamp LAX with a full day of workshops on Friday. We’ve recruited some awesome volunteer help to put these together with us, and we think they’re pretty much going to rock. You’ve got three choices for Foundation Friday:

First up, we have our Beginner Workshop. Never used WordPress before, but looking for a jumpstart? You’ll want to join our all-day beginner workshop. We’ll kick off the morning with a 4-hour intro to WordPress with Gregg Franklin of SeverPress. In the afternoon, workshop teachers will walk you through setting up your first WordPress site and will show you how to add and edit content, create menus, add widgets, install new themes, and more!

Our second workshop is our Design workshop, being planned and curated by Chris Ford of Creativity Included. We’re recruiting a gaggle of talented, successful design professionals to come and share practical tips and case studies on real-life projects and design problems they’ve solved.

And our third workshop is our Business workshop, being planned and curated by Steve Zehngut of Zeek Interactive. We’ll be providing smart, successful professionals who will share their knowledge with an audience of freelancers. Earn more money and work smarter with the tips and advice you’ll pick up in this all-day workshop.

And don’t forget – Foundation Friday is just one day of our three-day camp! If we’re packing this much awesome into Friday, just imagine how great the rest of the weekend is going to be! We’ll be sharing details on schedule and speakers for these three workshops as they’re finalized, so stay tuned if you’re interested!

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