We got your website badges right here!

So, you’re coming to WordCamp LAX. (You are, right?) Or you’re speaking or sponsoring and you’ve earned our undying gratitude.

Well, surely you want to tell the whole world about that, right?

What better way to do that then to display one of our premium, first-class website badges on your own site or social media profile? These badges were hand-crafted by hissing cockroaches in Timbuktu. Just kidding! They were designed by our illustrious WCLAX designer, Greg Douglas, just for YOU and they’re available in two sizes!

Just take a look at how spiffy they are!

WCLA14_badge-attend-125 WCLA14_badge-speak-125 WCLA14_badge-sponsor-125

You can get the different sizes of badges and even copy some code to get you going over on our Website Badges page. So head on over there and let everyone know about WCLAX!

2 thoughts on “We got your website badges right here!

  1. Added one of these to my web page. The html code was fine, except I had to change re-enter each quote mark to get it to work properly. Using cut and paste from a firefox browser, the text for the quote marks was a ” instead of a “.

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