Sponsor Spotlight: Sprout Apps

I’d like to talk to you about our newest sponsor for a moment, Sprout Apps. You might be wondering who they are. I wondered the same thing.

The folks over at Sprout Apps aren’t just looking to build the next “also-ran” product. They’re looking to change the way you do business with your clients. Because you know what, guys? Doing business is hard! How does Sprout Apps plan to make things easier for you and I? Oh, you know, by being philosophically sound in their product development approach. As Chris Lema puts it: “The trick to making difficult things easy, is to keep the easy things still easy.

What does that mean exactly? It means closing the gap between your website and your customer intake systems.

Wait. What?

If you’re like me, you probably have Gravity Forms on your site. You get a request for a quote. You review it, blah, blah, send an email back and, if the potential client wants to do some business you get stepping on creating an estimate. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but even two to three of these can eat up hours of your time before you notice that time has gone and left you.

That’s where Sprout App comes in. They’re building an integrated tool that automates this workflow headache for you. Yeah, auto-magically! If it sounds like Pixie Dust and Unicorn Pies in the Sky, it’s not! It’s not available yet, but it’s coming and it’s something to keep your eyes, kids.

That said, let’s give a big thank you to Sprout Apps for sponsoring WordCamp LA this year. You guys rock!

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