Sponsor Spotlight: Zeek Interactive

Do I need to tell you about Zeek Interactive? Do I need to tell you about Steve Zehngut? Well I’m going to anyway.

Steve Zehngut is one of the people who’s inspired many, many folks with his guidance, leadership and various talks he’s given over the last several years. Zeek Interactive gives back, by donating their offices for use of various Orange County WordPress meetups. Steve has given countless talks ranging from how to manage your development team, how to build mobile apps with WordPress to integrating your starter theme with Zurb’s Foundation. Steve’s a rare treasure and someone we’re lucky to have in our SoCal WP community.

Let’s thank Steve and Zeek Interactive for all the awesome they do throughout the year and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Sponsor Spotlight: Zeek Interactive

  1. Steve has inspired me in so many ways. The first time I came to a WordPress meetup it was the OCMeetup. After that night, meeting Steve and the group I was hooked and did not mind the drive to come see such a wonderful community that I am now part of. Steve is such a welcoming person and shares knowledge in a way that is fun and understandable. Thank you Steve for everything you do! Go see Steve’s presentation you will be glad you did.

  2. It is Zeek’s pleasure to sponsor WordCamp LA. Alex and Gregg, thank you for your kind words. I am proud to be a part of the amazing WordPress community that we have all created. I get as much out of the meetups as everyone else. I learn something at every meetup, even when I am the one presenting.

  3. Every time I attend an OC WordPress meeting I learn something new (and I still have a lot to learn). Steve is very generous with sharing his knowledge (and his beer) – I really appreciate that!

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