Sponsor Spotlight: Sprout Apps

I’d like to tell you about our new sponsor Sprout Apps. Who are they? What do they do? Why should you care? Hold on, people. I’ll get there. Be patient!

Sprout Apps is a new company that seeks to build something of value for a specific group of people. Specifically WordPress-Centric Business owners. They don’t just want to create an “also-ran” product. Nope! They want to change how you and I work. But how?

By doing something that Chris Lema talks about: “Making the hard things easy, while keeping the easy things still easy.” Specifically, they’re introducing tools that help flesh out your workflow. If you’re like me, your customer intake system probably starts with Gravity Forms, email and then an estimate or proposal from your tool of choice. It’s not integrated, it’s not sexy; it’s downright clunky. That’s the problem Sprout Apps hopes to solve. Integrated workflow; consistent branding, makes getting paid easier…

Simply put, Sprout Apps gets you to where you’re growing.

Sprout Invoices will be their flagship product and you should definitely check it out!

Thanks so much for being a sponsor of our camp this year. Can’t wait!


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