Sponsor Spotlight: SiteGround

They’ve been doing this web hosting thing quite some time now. It’s a hotly contested battleground. There are a lot of “players” in the game. There’s a very limited few that I actually recommend to people who ask me. SiteGround is one of them.

Sure, sure. You’re thinking, yeah, but they’re paying you to say that as a sponsor. While true they are stepping up big time to help our Camp, I could just as easily copy and paste a bio and be done with it. But I’m not and there’s a good reason why.

Of the myriad hosting options that are available to folks SiteGround really does provide a compelling option at the right price points. They have the right set of feature offerings to accomplish what you need. If your need is just shared hosting, then they have a shared hosting solution that doesn’t go “kaboom” when traffic suddenly picks up. If you have a high scale site handling millions of pageviews and tens of thousands of concurrent users, then their cloud hosting or dedicated server options will surely handle the load. If you’re a WordPress sort of user then they have optimized solutions for that, too! Did I mention their tech support? I’m not going to butter them up here. Their support is amazing. You get an agent in minutes; if they can’t help you they escalate pretty quickly. Their response times are blazing fast, too, more times than not… It’s ridiculously good! Are you a power user that needs SSH access? Do you need to deploy via git to your server? Do you need an easy to use, reliable yet blazing fast caching solution? Done, done and done. SiteGround has you covered.

I use them for my staging environment for all my projects and recommend them to a number of customers. I don’t make a dime off of those suggestions. No “bro links” here, people.

If all of that didn’t give you the warm fuzzies then maybe this will. SiteGround is doing more than they need to to help WCLA this year. They’re sponsoring at one of the higher sponsor levels; they’re also donating hosting accounts to attendees of the Foundation Friday Beginner Workshops; and lastly they are pitching in big time with our after party. They not only do a great job hosting your websites, but they’re also working hard to be a community leader as well; it’s not just about giving money, they’re “showing up” too! That’s the most important thing, I think. Being present.

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