Sponsor Spotlight: ServerPress

serverpress-logoI almost feel like this post isn’t necessary. Almost! You see, ServerPress makes DesktopServer. You probably knew that already. DesktopServer is the cornerstone in many a WordPress developers workflow. Yeah, you probably knew that, too. So I won’t tell you about how awesome the product is. I’ll tell you this: If you’re not using DesktopServer you’re losing time. Period.

What I’d like to talk about is the ServerPress team because not only are they a great sponsor, but they’re made up of some of the best people on Earth. Yeah. The Earth!

I was having a discussion the other day about community and sponsors. We all benefit from the generosity of our sponsors and their generous contributions. But being a sponsor who gives cash and being a sponsor and getting involved with the community are two different things. Anyone can give money and it makes a big impact, making possible these awesome events. But it takes more than that to build up a community. And I look to companies like ServerPress that “go above and beyond” for the community.

It starts with supporting the thing that people love, DesktopServer. If you look at their forums and the support requests you’ll see something pretty cool. All of the posts get answered, at length, for anyone of any skill-level. Meaning, they’ll get as deep or go as far as is required to resolve the issue.

The ServerPress team, headed by Stephen Carnham, is also deeply involved in the community. From donating their time to the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook, to having team members Marc Benzakein and Gregg Franklin speak at literally a bajillion million WordCamps. Heck, Marc and Gregg are pulling double-duty at WordCamp LA as part of Foundation Friday. Not only that but they help so many people, host meetups and really connect with people in the community.

When I think of Sponsors who get the WordPress community, I think ServerPress “gets it” as much as any Sponsor can. As awesome as their products are, it’s what they share in knowledge and generosity in helping people that truly paints the picture of just how rad they are.

So let’s thank them once again for generously helping us out at WordCamp LA this year. You guys continue to serve as a stellar example of what an awesome customer-minded, community-centric, company can be.

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