Sponsor Spotlight: Pantheon

“Focus on what you do best.” Of anything I can tell you about Pantheon hosting it’s that little tidbit there. I can also tell you that they’re one of the top tier optimized

What does that mean for you? Quite a lot actually.

As a developer, someone who builds professional sites for clients for a living, you probably want a platform that has an easy to use suite of tools for only what you need so that you can focus on delivering value to your clients and less time on things that don’t generate revenue such as managing separate staging/test/prod environments. You should have version control as a part of your workflow; you should be able to deploy to the platform you’re building on and not have to go through a third party service like Beanstalk or Deploy HQ. You should have automated backups; you should have great anytime technical support; you should have a platform that can be managed with only a few clicks.

In short you should have a professional hosting platform. In short Pantheon delivers just that!

Pantheon’s platform is one that I’ve been waiting for now for awhile. When I start a new project I set up a local environment and a testing/staging environment, sometimes separate of one another. This can take me 30-40min to an hour or more. I’m working on anywhere from three to four projects at a time. That time configuring these environments adds up quick. I could burn through a season of ‘House of Cards’ in the time I spend setting up 12 sites’ staging environments! I currently use a 3rd party deploy tool on a number of my projects anymore. That costs my around $25.00 per month. $300 per year. Do you think I could find something better to use that money on? You betcha! Would I spend it more wisely? Probably not! Don’t judge me, people!!

I’d recommend to any developer to give their offering a spin. They provide a solid solution optimized for folks that need agile hosting that allows them to focus on building great sites.

Let’s thank Pantheon for helping us put together WordCamp LA this year! Thanks so much!

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