Sponsor Spotlight: Oxford BioChronometrics

Let’s welcome our next sponsor Oxford BioChronometrics! Sure, it’s a mouthful, but what do they do? Pretty amazing stuff that takes more than a mouthful to explain, that’s for certain!

If you’ve ever managed a WordPress site spammy registrations and logins are a nuisance! Over time, cleaning the mess up can take several hours, tens or even hundreds of hours could be spent on cleaning things up. The thing is that there’s not really a great solution to help prevent this stuff from happening. The problem is excerbated for sites using Multisite, Buddypress or Bbpress…

It’s a pain in the neck!

Oxford BioChronometrics has released a new plugin called ‘No More Captchas.’ It’s a tool that raises the bar in shutting down spam and letting actual humans in. There’s no fussy setup, just install and go. No More Captchas utilizes advanced biochronometrics to suss out spammy logins and registration entries. The short of it is, bots don’t get in, but good ol’ fashioned humans do!

WORDCAMP EXCLUSIVE: Win a Free Year of NoMoreCaptchas Pro! Just register and install your free trial of NoMoreCaptchas then tweet to @ NoMoreCaptchas that you did with the Los Angeles WordCamp hashtag #WCLAX. One lucky winner will get the full power of a spam and Captcha free site for a full year!

Thanks again to Oxford BioChronometrics for your generous donation to WCLA this year!

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