Sponsor Spotlight: iThemes

Welcome to your final Sponsor Spotlight before WordCamp LA drops like an unwelcome hot tamale on your lap, Children of the Corn!

Today, we’re going to talk about this company that you all have heard of. They’re called iThemes. Look, you know em’ and so do I. Do I need to sit here and tell you about how cool they are? I know a number of folks who have been members for years. I should know, I’m one of them. To this day I still pay for their plugin membership club. Backupbuddy alone is worth the price of admission. While I use other tools to smoothly migrate DBs from point a to point b, Backupbuddy is still the only WP Plugin I trust to actually backup a site on a regularly scheduled interval. I do this for all my staging sites. True story. iThemes Security is rock solid as well and their devs actively, perhaps even ferociously, support the essential plugin. Quality and simplicity is what comes first over there and you see it in the product design. Have you played with Exchange yet?

The plugin marketplace is maturing which has created positive changes in the WordPress Ecosystem for product developers and a lot of that has to do with all the good stuff the folks at iThemes have been doing and, most importantly, what they give back to the community, whether it’s their online offerings over at WebDesign.com or simply the invaluable free resources they put together. Others have taken copious notes over there.

I don’t give them my  money because I like them, because, I mean, they’re all great folks doing great things. They don’t just make products, they’re involved in the community, giving back and going above and beyond. Ask far and ask wide and I challenge you to find one person that says company founder, Corey Miller, is the kind of guy to start a bar fight or rain destruction down upon a small town. Spoiler alert, you won’t find such a person… And even if you did, it’s probably not someone you’d want to spend any time with… and they probably smell like moldy cheese and sweat socks. Pass!

So join me in giving a rousing thank you to the good folks over at iThemes for helping make WordCamp LA possible and possibly the World’s most awesome WordCamp, nay, the UNIVERSE’S most awesome WordCamp!!!

Thanks guys!

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