Sponsor Spotlight: D-Lish Design

D-Lish Design is a boutique digital agency focused on emerging media and digital communication. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what they do; they’re a multi-disciplined studio that are experts in digital strategy social media and solutions for education as well as brand and print design.

D-Lish design does a number of things well and they have a very stringent QA process that really sets the bar for the competition. How? By doing what they say they’ll do. Owning their word is what it comes down to.

Not only that, but D-Lish also gives back to their community up in Roseville, Ca, with their awesome Give 10 initiative. It’s an example of local business doing good work and doing good things for people and organizations who are also doing good work within the community. It’s something we should all look to emulate.

Let’s all do a “Whoooaa Bundy!!!” and give a big thank you and round of applause to the good folks at D-Lish Design for sponsoring our camp this year.

You guys rock!

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