Second Round of Speakers Announced!

Finally the mystery of the second half of our Saturday Sessions speakers is solved! Here’s our second round of speaker announcements – can you believe the awesomeness contained in this post alone?


Jonathan Tobin is a lawyer, a web developer, and a WordPress enthusiast. Seriously. All those things in one person. In his legal practice, Jonathan works with creators and creative professionals. He’ll be speaking to us on legal issues you should consider when working with your WordPress site including things like licensing, privacy, user-generated content, and e-commerce.

282d599b414022eba5096510f675b6e2Chris Lema blogs occasionally. Just kidding – he blogs daily, folks. He also writes ebooks, speaks, works as the VP of Engineering at Emphasys Software, helps companies leverage WordPress and WordPress companies find leverage and on top of all that, still finds time to take a nap every day. He’ll be sharing several stories of people whose lives were changed by WordPress.

ee5e8ca0d182486c5cafabcbc004815cRoy Sivan has been using WordPress since something like version 0 and has built out his fair share of WordPress sites. Currently, he just likes to take WordPress and make it do incredible amazing stuff nobody else thinks is even possible. He’ll be speaking on using WordPress as an application framework to build out client-side and single-page applications. Maybe a little bit of his awesomeness will rub off on you.

7bf2e7abb6c22e285e5206c86022ba0eMatthew Boynes is lead developer at Alley Interactive. He loves solving complex problems with WordPress and helping others to get more from WordPress. He’ll be speaking on turbo-charing WP_Query so that you can build complex queries and super amazing sites without taking a big performance hit.

2370ea5912750f4cb0f3c51ae1cbca55Konstantin Obenland is really tall. And also probably really sick and tired of people talking about how tall he is. He’s also a core contributor and was backup lead and theme developer for some recent themes you may have heard of like Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen. And he loves Dr. Pepper. He’ll be speaking on the seven defined philosophies of WordPress core development and how these philosophies shape every decision made about WordPress.

53870378fbdf719fa705096f84ce184eShanta Nathwani is an IT and Social Media Consultant and also an Instructor in Web Design and CCIT Capstone at Sheridan College. She’ll be speaking about how WordPress helps non-profits get the most out of their web site budgets and encourages members of their organizations to contribute content.

af68e38bb11e4898d3ff9737a413f64cDave Jesch, owner of one of the most amazing ‘staches this side of the Mississippi, is the Principle and CTO at He’s a full stack developer who works with stability and scalability in mind. He’ll be speaking on writing code that scales for WordPress plugins and themes. His tips will come in handy for building out high traffic sites and also for developers who want to release plugins and themes.

d9fe7ee35692bb9404982d13d3aa6289Sé Reed has a special place in her heart for small business owners. In addition to her work helping out small business owners with their websites, she also does all sorts of WordPress-y stuff and is a musician. She’ll be showing us an awesome combo of plugins that small business owners can use to take their websites from basic to bada$$ without having to wrestle with code.

15189d1fcbef49ea46d47e545f4e1d1fdavid t pisarra is a regular columnist for the Santa Monica Daily Press, a contributor to the Huffington Post and the Good Men Project, and author of 5 books. He’s also got a podcast – Men’s Family Law. No stranger to producing content on a deadline, he’ll be speaking on creating and using editorial calendars to take the hassle out of blogging and podcasting.

08536f030f73d271dc746c7e15dfe5c2Trevor Wolter oversees all testing at Zeek Interactive. He’ll be speaking on testing for independent developers and freelancers. If that’s you, you know you’ve got to wear a lot of different hats, but Trevor will convince you that your tester hat is an important one for making sure your code works as expected and that client and user expectations are met and exceeded.

8b9a5e91c941587f24be646266537944Gary Magnone loves craft beer, cocktails, and coffee, but more importantly, people, he’s a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He launched Highrise in 2012 and helps his clients drive traffic, leads and revenue. He’ll be speaking on search engine optimization in 2014 – a world where Google is constantly changing and SEO is more nuanced than ever. He’ll also cover some WordPress-specific tips, tools and tricks for maximizing your site’s reach.

5d981fc86c8ed211a89723312a0fd9b3Joe Chellman thinks he probably started using WordPress before Roy Sivan. He’s an experienced builder of themes and plugins, author of Introducing WordPress: Learn by Video on Peachpit, and author of several JavaScript titles on He also chose the title of Supreme Dictator for Life to describe his role at Shoofly Development and Design. He’ll be talking about version control, specifically Git, and why you should be using it.

One again, if these were the only twelve speakers we had, we could easily sell out. But combine these twelve superheroes with the twelve we’ve already announced, and that adds up to a day of Saturday Sessions that will blow your mind. As if these 24 speakers weren’t enough to convince you to attend, we still have the Foundation Friday speakers to announce. What the what? Stay tuned for more awesomeness than you can shake a stick at.


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  1. “Joe Chellman thinks he probably started using WordPress before Roy Sivan.” I think we need to have a dance-off to prove this.

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