inMotion Hosting Helps Bicycle-Kick WordCamp LA into Shape!

inMotion Hosting is like the German National Football Club of 2014, if the German Football Club did Web Hosting… And were based out of Los Angeles… Okay, maybe that was a bad analogy. Probably. Definitely. Let’s just say that inMotion Hosting dominates the hosting game and they’re right here in good ol’ Los Angeles, with all the other cool kids! They say it on their site, “We Love LA” and gosh golly we love those kids, too!

They’re not a one-trick pony either. If you want to run WordPress, they have optimized solutions just right for your needs. They’re support wizards are friendly and knowledgeable and when you need help, they’re there. One time I had a site go down and rung up their support team and they said “Not on our watch, brochacho!” Yes, they’d recovered my site in all of ten minutes. People, I can barely style my hair in 10 minutes. So when I say inMotion is impressive, believe the hype!

Let’s give a hearty thanks to the good people at inMotion for helping make WCLA get going this year!

3 thoughts on “inMotion Hosting Helps Bicycle-Kick WordCamp LA into Shape!

  1. Way to go InMotion Hosting! Leading the way. A great cause is our own precious WordCamp LA. We are very proud!! Thanks for your benevolent contribution.

  2. Alex,

    Standard disclaimer, I work at IMH, but I was a customer for seven years previously. So yeah, Best server company EVER! Still, compared to your hair? Let’s be honest. Nothing compares to your hair.

    Chuck Norris is jealous of only one thing in this world, and that’s Alex Vasquez’s hair.

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