Can’t wait for WordCamp LAX?

We’re chugging along with just 6 weeks to go until WordCamp LAX kicks off. Yes, it’s going to be awesome, but you know what else is awesome? The WordPress community we have here in Southern California!

WordCamp LAX happens just once a year, but there are WordPress meetups happening year-round all over Southern California. If you haven’t been to a meetup yet, why not check out one of these meetups coming up in the next couple of weeks?

  • Advanced WordPress LA is having their July meetup on the 26th. If you’re a WordPress developer or advanced user, come geek out with us. This meetup is co-organized by WordCamp organizer, Natalie, and a couple of WordCamp speakers, Joe Chellman and Lucy Beer.
  • OC WordPress Meetup, for those a little further south, is having their general meetup for all levels on July 28 in Huntington Beach. This meetup is organized by Steve Zehngut, who’s putting together our Business Workshop for Foundation Friday.
  • North County San Diego Meetup, continuing right down the coast is meeting up to talk about building WordPress themes with Foundation and Underscores on July 29. This meetup is co-organized by WordCamp speaker Chris Lema.
  • Hollywood WordPress is hosting their ‘One Problem, One Solution’ meetup on July 30. This meetup is organized by WordCamp designer and speaker, Greg Douglas.

And that’s just the next week or so! Didn’t I tell you our local community is amazing? We have about 20 different meetup groups throughout Southern California, so there’s sure to be  one in your neck of the woods. We’re trying to wrangle them all up over on our Community Page if you want to take a gander.

Don’t wait for WordCamp to get involved!

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