Attending Contribution Sunday?

We’re trying to get a quick headcount for Sunday, please fill out this form if you’re planning to attend on Sunday:

If you’re not planning to attend, you should! No matter what your experience level, you can help WordPress improve. More details about Contribution Sunday here:

Participate in Contribution Day

We’re excited about Contribution Day on Sunday where we all pitch in to give back to WordPress. After all, it’s done so much for us! And don’t be fooled for one minute thinking that only developers can contribute! There are so many ways to give back to WordPress and the community that it will make your head spin. So we hope that no matter who you are, and what your experience with WordPress is, that you’ll consider pitching in and helping move things forward.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, systems or support specialist, or writer, there’s a way for you to contribute:

  • If you’re a programmer, contribute code directly to core*
  • Write or update WordPress documentation
  • Design wireframes for new features (or ones you think could be improved)
  • Help out with your knowledge of accessibility or other relevant standards
  • Answer questions on the forums
  • Work on the website itself, including the plugin and theme repositories

People who come to Contributor Day will be 1000% focused on contributing to or learning to contribute to the WordPress project — although we have fun, this is a working event. If you’ve been looking for an opening to add your contribution to WordPress, this is the perfect opportunity!


If you’re planning on helping out with WordPress core code (writing patches, testing bugs on trunk, etc), then you’ll need to get set up with a few things. To save time on the day, we strongly recommend that you set WordPress up locally on your laptop. You’ll need to install a local web server and check out a copy of WordPress from Subversion. Hint: Using Desktop Server (from our sponsor SeverPress) makes the first part really easy

Confirm Your T-Shirt Size and Friday Workshop Selections

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We’re also trying to get a final headcount for Friday Workshops, so please make sure that’s also correct. If you aren’t able to attend Friday, please let us know!

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